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I am committed to the causes I care about

My parents have always had a strong commitment to associations and I learned at a very young age to get involved in causes that are important to me and benefit the Community. I remain very active today in this commitment, particularly through the Lions Club of Rueil-Malmaison

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The causes I advocate

How the World is

In my actions, I strive to have a positive impact on social and societal aspects. Because we will not solve the ecological problem as long as the problem of 60% of the population will be to get through the month

Responsible Economy

We should not get rid of capitalism but transform it to get out of a system of accumulation. Companies must remunerate their stakeholders, while reinvesting the profits in impact projects

Justice & Equality

I approach human relationships with respect and fairness, without any distinction of social level, skin color or religion. I militate so that Justice is the same for all and that everyone has access to it

Access to Culture

Art and Culture allow us to escape from the real world, to think and see things differently. I think it is essential that everyone has access to them to see more beauty and gain the motivation to make a better World

Access to Heathcare

I am unfortunately affected by situations of illness and disability in my close circle of friends and family. Even from a privileged background, access to care is not always obvious. I campaign for health for all

Animal welfare

Cruelty to animals shocks me deeply. I think that it should be more widely penalized and that abandonment should be sanctioned. I am in favour of a more vegetarian diet available to anybody

My committments



When my P&L allows it and when a project seems to have potential, I do not hesitate to intervene in a pro-bono, i.e. free of charge, to Entrepreneurs or Impact Startups in temporary difficulty. It is generally short Consulting missions in Cost Optimization or Strategy
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Lions Club

The Lions Club International is one of the largest Charities in the World. By promoting the values of Friendship and Community involvement, it allows me to get involved for Health, Ecology, Education, exchange between Peoples and the preservation of the Common Good
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I am one of the many donors to the SPA. I think that the Association does a wonderful job to defend and take care of Animals. I have adopted most of my pets there, including my 2 cats, Charlie and Fiona. I fully support them in their mission to change the Laws

My latest Articles


Redesigning our Agriculture is the first emergency against climate change

Our arable land is getting smaller and smaller and less and less productive. It will soon no longer be enough to feed humanity. During the last 100 years, one billion hectares of fertile land have disappeared: this represents more than 15 times the surface of France. In the World, soils sterilized by pollution cover some 220,000 km², includin...

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Ikigai is not just a concept, it is a real tool to design an entrepreneurial strategy

In Japanese, Ikigai (生き甲斐) means "joy of living" and "reason for being". In the Okinawa province, it is seen as a reason to get up in the morning. According to the ideograms, the term Ikigai is a contraction of two Japanese words: "Iki" which could be translated as "life" and "Gai" which could be translated as "result".  The island of Okinawa...

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