. track_record ( coaching )

Coached 6 managers in their professional development. Coached employees starting new positions, crafted improvement plans and followed up the progress (ASSET MANAGER, 2015-2019)

Mentored 10+ consultants in reaching their career change goals (CONSULTING FIRM, 2009-2015)

Coached the Head of Internal Control in starting her new position, defined the stakes of the position, implemented the work methodology, helped her finding her position within the organization (PENSION FUND, 2012)

Coached the Head of Organization in defining a roadmap, implementing Lean Six Sigma and helped finding his position vis-à-vis the Executive Committee and the other departments (ASSET MANAGER, 2010-2011)

Coached the Head of Legal Department for Products in evaluating his reporting team, optimizing operations and redefining his mission statement (ASSET MANAGER, 2010)

Coached the General Management of the HSBC REIM branch in monitoring the transformation of the Front-to-Back value chain (REAL-ESTATE ASSET MANAGER, 2003-2004)

. diploma ( coaching )

. certificates ( coaching )