OURIO, Start-up in the Audiovisual Industry

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The OURIO project started at Le Wagon in 2019, with Victor Ouvrard. We wanted to create a professional network dedicated to the Audiovisual Experts and made it our capstone project at the end of our studies. One year later, we founded the Company in agency mode, while finalizing the development of our platform

Arnaud Rioche, Co-Founder & CEO

Ourio is a Collective Audiovisual Agency

Ourio is a Collective of Independents serving Professionals of the Audiovisual Industry and Cultural Project Owners

We have a community-based approach, in order to reduce the number of intermediaries between Project Owners and Technicians as much as possible

This community allows us to bring together all the Audiovisual Expertise in one place, and to combine them with our skills in Business Management, to be the first Consultancy in Audiovisual Optimization

By relying on our Community, we also help our Clients as an Agency, and take charge of the Sourcing, Production or Management of their Audiovisual Projects

We want to open our community and create the first Processional Platform of the Audiovisual Industry: PADtrack

Arnaud Rioche

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