. track_record ( strategy )

As founder & President, defined and executes the 5 year strategic plan for the startup studio and consulting activities. Defined the digital marketing strategy and content management (C4SENSE, 2019-2020)

Defined the 5 year strategic plan for product management, client acquisition, finance and growth as cofounder and CEO (OURIO, 2019-2020)

Contributed to crafting the IT & business digital transformation strategy (ASSET MANAGER, 2017-2018)

Defined the market entry, growth and execution strategies as co-creator and Senior Manager of the consulting practice (CONSULTING FIRM, 2009-2015)

Defined the 3 year roadmap to centralize the Change Management function globally. Crafted the related business plan (SECURITIES SERVICES, 2011)

Monitored the business and corporate strategies for Continental Europe. Set the 3 year sales goals and yearly reassessment with the Executive Committee (ASSET MANAGER, 2006-2009)

Contributed to the definition of the IT group transformation, offshoring and charge back strategies (BANK GROUP and BANK FRANCE, 2003-2004)

. diploma ( strategy )

. certificates ( strategy )

Coursera | University of Pennsylvania

Growth Strategies   (2020)

  See the curriculum

Coursera | University of Virginia

Innovating with the Busines Model Canvas   (2020)

  See the curriculum


LaunchX | Becoming an Entrepreneur   (2018)

  See the curriculum

Coursera | Centrale-Supelec

Sustainable Development   (2018)

  See the curriculum

Coursera | ESSEC Business School

Specialization in Impact Investing   (2018)

  See the curriculum

Coursera | Università Bocconi

Private Equity and Venture Capital   (2018)

  See the curriculum