Process Management

I help companies to structure and launch their initiatives to improve their efficiency and quality. My approach combines methodological expertise and pragmatism in the use of the tools, in order to achieve results in a simple, quick and tangible way

Why I could help you increase your Operational Efficiency

A methodological expertise

A Black Belt Six Sigma certification obtained within the HSBC Group and numerous process optimization projects or deployments of Lean initiatives

A pragmatic approach

Using the right tool at the right time. Even if it means skipping a few steps in the method that do not bring any value to the given issue in the given context

A transversal vision

20 years of experience in deploying Lean initiatives and process redesign in Support Functions, Legal, Business and Technology, internationally

My significant references in Process Management

Designed and implemented the Company’s Product and Delivery processes. Trained the Product & Tech teams in performing it

LegalTech, 2021-2022

Reengineered the client accounts management and revenue calculations business process and supporting information system. Assessed the existing issues, defined the target and implemented it worldwide

Asset Management, 2015-2016, 2010-2011, 2008-2009

Redesigned the enterprise governance model and the Balanced Scorecard for the Executive Committee

Asset Management, 2011

Implemented operational procedures and service agreements for the launch of a new ETF business (Exchange-Traded Funds)

Asset Management, 2011

Reengineered the project governance process, deployed the methodology and the Lean Six Sigma toolbox, designed the process taxonomy, defined the Operational Efficiency roadmap and managed the first projects

Asset Management, 2010

Designed and implemented MIFID legal compliance processes

Asset Management, 2010

  • General Management Acceleration Program

    EDHEC Business School, 2020

  • Six Sigma Black Belt

    HSBC Group, 2007

  • Master in Management & Entrepreneurship

    ESSCA School of Management, 2001

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Increasing efficiency with Lean Management

What is process optimization? Process optimization consists of improving the way things are done in the company, to gain in performance, productivity, costs, or revenues. A process can be defined as a system of activities using resources to transform inputs into outputs. An optimization project can therefore intervene on the inputs, on the re...

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Achieving Total Quality with Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a statistical concept, aiming to measure the variation of a process based on the customer's needs. From a mathematical point of view, Six Sigma represents a process whose variation is so low that the defect rate is 0.0003%. But more than a statistical tool, Six Sigma is also a management philosophy, focusing on...

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Arnaud Rioche

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