. track_record ( costs )

Analysed the cost of the support function information system and saved 15% of costs with offshoring the functions that were not related to the core-business (ASSET MANAGER, 2017)

Reduced the costs of the accounts receivable department by reducing staff, by offshoring the businesses that did not require to be carried out locally and defined the outplacement strategy with HR. Saved 700k€ p.a. and reduced lead time of the payment process by 70% (BANK, 2008-2009)

Managed the IT department reorganization into shared services. Implemented a service catalog, charge back agreements, analyzed the gaps between the P&Ls of the different business lines and company infrastructures. Designed and implemented a unit price reduction policy of 10% per year. Implemented Centers of Excellence centralizing the best services of the world in terms of cost/quality ratio (ASSET MANAGER, 2006-2007 | BANK, 2004-2006)

Redefined the subcontractor procurement policy of the IT department. Reviewed the master agreements, reduced the number of referenced suppliers and the number of external headcounts. Saved 4M€ in 3 years (BANK, 2003-2006)

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