. track_record ( process )

Reengineered the client accounts management and revenue calculations business process and supporting information system. Assessed the existing issues, defined the target and implemented it worldwide. (ASSET MANAGER, 2015-2016 | ASSET MANAGER, 201-2011 | ASSET MANAGER, 2008-2009)

Redesigned the enterprise governance model and the Balanced Scorecard for the Executive Committee (ASSET MANAGER, 2011)

Implemented operational procedures and service agreements for the launch of a new ETF business (Exchange-Traded Funds) (ASSET MANAGER, 2011)

Reengineered the project governance process, deployed the methodology and the Lean Six Sigma toolbox, designed the process taxonomy, defined the Operational Efficiency roadmap and managed the first projects (ASSET MANAGER, 2010)

Designed and implemented MIFID legal compliance processes (ASSET MANAGER, 2010)

. diploma ( process )

. certificates ( process )