Sparring Partner

I help Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs to clarify their vision, and to become aware of the real issues that are not necessarily expressed by the teams or visible from the inside. My approach is based on the establishment of a mutual trust, benevolence, and the search for the truth of the situation through the contribution of an external viewpoint

Why I could be your partner of trust


A Sparring Partners relationship will be most successful if it is conducted in a transparent manner. The mutual trust is therefore a key element of success and must be established from Day One


Sparring Partner should not be judgmental. The facts must be looked at with kindness and calm. It is necessary to challenge, but with a view to finding the right solution, as a team and with serenity

An external look

Being outside the organization allows you to remain neutral, dispassionate and to keep the necessary height to see the issues as they really are. And to consider solutions that really work

My significant references as a Sparring Partner or Coach/Mentor

Supported the Founder & President in challenging his strategy, his product vision and the management of the company

LegalTech, 2021-2022

Coached 6 managers in their professional development. Coached employees starting new positions, crafted improvement plans and followed up the progress

Asset Management, 2015-2019

Mentored 10+ consultants in reaching their career change goals

Consulting, 2009-2015

Coached the Head of Internal Control in starting her new position, defined the stakes of the position, implemented the work methodology, helped her finding her position within the organization

Pension Fund, 2012

Coached the Head of Operational Excellence in defining a roadmap, implementing Lean Six Sigma and helped finding his positionning vis-à-vis the Executive Committee and the other departments

Asset Management, 2010-2011

Coached the Head of Legal Department for Products in evaluating his reporting team, optimizing operations and redefining his mission statement

Asset Management, 2010

Coached the General Management of a Bank’s REIM branch in monitoring the transformation of the Front-to-Back value chain

Real Estate, 2003-2004

  • General Management Acceleration Program

    EDHEC Business School, 2020

  • Positive Psychology GG101x

    UC Berkeley, 2018

  • Master in Management & Entrepreneurship

    ESSCA School of Management, 2001

Arnaud Rioche

How about working together?

You are considering being accompanied by someone you trust, who knows how to put themselves in your shoes while maintaining an outside perspective, to help you make the right decisions?